Kayak school

A course that will make a proper kayaker out of you!

5-day course

The best way to learn kayaking from the start, or to progress your skills. Up to 3 hours on the water per a day in a group up to 6 people. We can’t promise you that you will win anything, but we can promise 5 days with an experienced instructor in a beautiful environment, where the difficulty progresses with your skill. If you want to know how to kayak this is the course for you! 

1-day course

Want to learn how to kayak or learn how to do it better, but short on time? No problem, we will do our best to expand your skills in the 3 hours we have on the water! 

Individual course

You, the instructor and the river. Best for skill improvement or training. For half of  a day, we will drill you in kayaking techniques and whitewater elements. The instructor will also film you for a video-analysis, to give you a different perspective on your paddling. 

Kayak trip

The simplest of all 4 offers. We will look after you, and show you the way down the river, maybe give you an advice or two.